6 week session: $75 1x/ week || $130 2x/ week || $130 for 10 class pass
Metabolic Fit


Metabolic { turning the food we eat into energy within the body}

Fit { using movement and exercise as a way to maintain a certain level of health }


Metabolic Fit is a small group training class designed to optimize the way your body burns fuel (the food you eat) while maintaining muscle.  The class structure combines high intensity strength and cardio intervals followed by periods of rest.  The combination of strength and cardio exercise is highly efficient and effective, allowing you to maximize results.  The coaching motivation received during these workouts will teach you how to push yourself harder and achieve more.  This is the perfect workout to take your fitness goals to the next level.


Space is limited.  All fitness levels are welcome and will be challenged!


Mondays 6:00 PM | Thursdays 5:15 am

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